Specialized Business Intelligence Software Development

We build top-quality enterprise business intelligence software solutions as well as on-line systems of any architecture: desktop, n-tier or Cloud based. Taking advantage of our senior knowledge in a wide range of different software technologies and platforms, we can fit our software development services to any software project, regardless its platform, unique requirements or nature.

Following modern software design patterns and engineering procedures, we emphasize in building software with very flexible architecture so that it can adapt to future changes and to meet new requirements.

Depending on projects' requirements, we build enterprise software using Microsoft's latest .Net Framework (v4.5 and v.4.6) and underlying technologies, like C#, Windows Communication Framework (WCF) and WPF and we design user interfaces quite carefully, so that not only they are modern and up-to-date, but most importantly, they are easy to understand and work on them, keeping any learning curves to the minimum.

For Cloud-based or web-based online solutions, we use PHP, the web's most favourable programming language, as part of our LAMP stack. We use enterprise-level frameworks and content management systems that we have built in-house and which are fine tuned to provide maximum performance, security and programming flexibility, as well as they support rather complex requirements, policies and configurations, often required in large corporate environments or organizations.