Software Solutions for Manufacturing

Scientific software solutions

We provide development services of custom scientific software, empowering data mining techniques, data analysis, applying intelligent algorithms, all bundled with advanced statistics and reporting modules in order to help manufacturers track and manage their product lines more effectively. Additionally, we can integrate our software solutions with specialized hardware in order to interchange data and metrics, as well as provide real-time charting, monitoring, alerting or any other functionality is requested.


Cost-saving software solutions

We provide enterprise software development solutions for a very wide range of business applications. Our solutions help mid-to-large businesses to save big costs by improving their efficiency and productivity. Our software solutions, fully customizable for each client, can help enterprises:

  • Automate or greatly improve their business processes
  • Provide real-time reporting and business insights
  • Greatly help employees' collaboration, communication and sharing of corporate information
  • Secure corporate information via custom document managment systems with file versioning, tagging and advanced access control

Our software solutions can be in the form of web-based applications like intranets/extranets, n-tier software, mobile business applications or any combination of those. To maximize our solutions' cost saving and return of investment, we can also manage to analyse existing departmental or inter-departmental workflows and provide a complete solution by tightly combining process re-engineering with our proposed automation software.

Other indicative software solutions

Depending on the solution you are looking for, we can propose different kinds of software, which combined can cover your needs. Common examples are all-in-one collaboration software, where an internal web solution can help greatly on staff collaboration & information sharing; thus improving efficiency and saving costs. Such Intranet/Extranet solutions, can include:

  • Internal, secure messaging & communication through the internal network with: text messaging, VoIP, video calls, internal e-mail, files/documents sharing
  • Internal information sharing (e.g. company news & alerts system, staff phone & client directory etc.)
  • Requests processing / Ticketing system
  • Document management (digital assets seamless sharing/exchanging, versioning, tagging, searching etc.)
  • Shared & personal calendar
  • Shared reporting

We also provude full customization of our lightweight, web-based, core ERP system with the following available base modules:

  • Finance (accounting, invoicing, payroll, budgeting, cheques, claims, payables & receivables, payment scheduling & processing, forecasting etc.)
  • HR (employees, payroll, incentives, CVs database, job vacancies, interviewing, leaves & absences, training etc.)
  • CRM (customers, products/services, communications tracking, sales, statistics & reporting etc.)
  • Supply Chain (suppliers / vendors, assets, orders, offers etc.)
  • Legal (contracts, documents etc.)
  • Audit (policies, audits etc.)
  • Marketing
  • Call Center (call tracking, auto-responding, statistics & reporting)
  • Projects & Ticketing (projects management, client requests tracking, internal ticketing, employee time tracking etc.)

On top of the core ERP system, we provide full customizations by:

  • Developing client-requested extensions and changes
  • Developing client-specific modules
  • Integratiοn with existing internal, supplier/vendor or on-line systems (e.g. e-commerce systems)
  • Providing APIs and programming frameworks for further in-house development & maintenance


Specialized business software

We provide enterprise software development services for competely custom business needs. By working tightly with the client and using our very good business sense, we are able understand our clients' real needs. After an evaluation of the information that we gather, we can propose the best software solution considering the highest levels of flexibility, expandability, return of the investment and best practices.

There are no boundaries on what we can provide by our specialized business software development services. Custom reporting systems, specialized e-commerce platforms, cost analysis software, custom intranets/collaboration software, scientific software, business automation & business intelligence software, simulation software, data mining and specialized artificial intelligence software, they are a small set of case study examples we have already delivered to clients.

Empowering your IT development team

We have long history in software systems development. Through these years and putting together our knowledge and experience, we have developed and matured our enterprise, web-based software framework and content management system, which allows us to build custom web-based software solutions very efficiently.

For our enterprise clients, we license our software framework in order to empower their internal IT development teams and help them create software solutions in-house, like a software firm. Along with licensing, we provide remote and on-site training, and technical support so that they work fast and efficiently.