Careers at infinitech

Our Benefits

Working at infinitech, you'll have a great opportunity to further develop your career by joining small teams on large software projects, either working on-site or collaborating remotely with colleagues via our on-line collaboration platform.

We are always interested in recruiting talented people, passionate with new and emerging technologies; with vision to innovate and apply new creative ideas to our in-house software innovations. But we also want our teams' members to work with enthousiasm and with their best effort on the projects. So, you will receive rewarding benefits and incentives depending on your experience. While joining your first project, we will look after so that you feel the teamwork spirit and our pleasant mood right away. Regardless if you are a senior or a starter, we all have the same importance in the team, and you will enjoy everyone's respect and appreciation for your work.

Our Vacancies

We are doing global business with medium and large enterprises, so ideal candidates should have excellent verbal and writing skills in English, and feel comfortable in client communications and support. It is also important to understand our quality standards which are top. Knowing a second or third language is a plus, preferring other European languages and Arabic.

We offer positions for web developers, mobile app. developers, system administrators and artwork designers. Depending on our needs and your availability, our job vacancies are flexible enough and in many cases remote working options are available.

If you want to come in touch with us, please send us your CV at, having one of the following codes in the subject, depending your profession and seniority level:

  • SWD-01: for senior web developers
  • JWD-01: for junior web developers or for students and (under)graduates looking for practice
  • NET-01: for .Net software engineers
  • MOB-01: for senior mobile app. developers (all platforms)
  • SYS-01: for Linux system/network/security administrators
  • ART-01: for senior artwork designers (please, also attach sample of web/mobile design works)