Corporate Profile

Who we are?

We are software firm, targeting the global web, mobile and software development market. Comprised of a passionate, strong team of highly talented software engineers, we deliver top-quality software systems in almost any platform: web, mobile or the desktop. Our solid experience in Information Technology, our outstanding deliverables and references, our response times and efficiency in enterprise software development, as well as our excellent support, have put us on top of our customers' appreciation and trust.

Our Audience

With respect, faithfulness, integrity and by adopting high quality software engineering standards, we focus on businesses and organizations around the globe that wish to benefit the most from the latest advances of Information Technology.

Inline to our core goals, we provide software development services to clients all over the world, and we have already delivered very robust and sophisticated software solutions for enterprise businesses in the Banking, Healthcare, Pharma, Publishing, Telecommunications, Education and Retail sectors.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to become a respectful global player in the software development industry. By being tight with the latest trends in web, software and mobile technologies, and most importantly, by reasearching and investing on in-house development of new software technologies, we aim to build a long-lasting reputation of being an innovative software firm of tomorrow.

Our Vision

Information Technology is a rapidly growing science and very difficult to cope with and follow. Our vision is to bring I.T. closer to the business world, help businesses understand the outstanding advantages and benefits of I.T., assist them to integrate enterprise I.T. solutions to their everyday activities, organize them and boost their productiveness.