Cloud ERP & Web-based ERP Software System

Lightweight, flexible, customizable, on-line, secure & fast

As part of our core business strategy to invest on in-house software innovations, we built our own Cloud-ready, Web-based core ERP software solution. Built on top of the latest and Cloud-friendly database technologies, as well as our - also in-house developed - software frameworks, our web ERP solution is very lightweight, flexible and highly customizable so that it can fit and cover any business case, under a very friendly and easy-to-learn browser-accessible user interface.

Thanks to its modular architecture and design, our core ERP system can be utilized to serve and organize different departments, enforce workflows and procedures, and integrate easily with other internal or external software infrastructure.

Instead of choosing a monolithic and expensive software architecture that should try to cover all different organizational needs, configurations and cases, we rather designed a smart, lightweight software architecture, suitable for Web and Cloud environments, that is very flexible and can cover clients' needs, by customizing the core ERP engine. This way, our web-based ERP solution provides many advantages at a remarkably lower total cost of ownership and avoids in a brilliant way all the complexities conventional, monilithic ERP systems face.

Our Cloud ERP is provided with open source code and is also built in such way so that organizations with internal I.T. development teams can further enrich their installation and make changes or additions themselves.

Along with the Cloud ERP, we provide our state-of-the-art software framework and platform, that we developed and matured in-house, putting together all our knowledge and experience. Hence, enterprise clients can empower even more their I.T. development teams and help them create their own additional modules on top of our ERP system or use the framework plus the ERP’s engine to build other robust internal solutions very efficiently.

Modular architecture and design

Our Cloud ERP has been built in a modular structure and design and it features the following available base modules:

  • Finance (accounting, invoicing, basic payroll, budgeting, cheques, claims, payables & receivables, payment scheduling & processing, forecasting etc.)
  • HR (employees, payroll, incentives, CVs database, job vacancies, interviewing, leaves & absences, training etc.)
  • CRM (customers, products/services, communications tracking, sales, statistics & reporting etc.)
  • Supply Chain (suppliers / vendors, inventory, warehouse, assets, orders, offers, purchases, tracking etc.)
  • Legal (contracts, documents etc.)
  • Audit (policies, audits etc.)
  • Marketing
  • Call Center (call tracking, auto-responding, statistics & reporting)
  • Projects & Ticketing (projects management, client requests tracking, internal ticketing, employee time tracking etc.)


On top of the core web-based ERP system, we provide full customizations by:

  • Developing client-requested extensions and changes
  • Developing client-specific modules
  • Integrating existing internal, supplier/vendor or on-line systems (e.g. e-commerce systems)
  • Providing APIs and programming frameworks for further in-house development & maintenance