Our Partners & Technologies

Our Partnerships

We have established various partnerships in order to be able to provide a very wide spectrum of top-quality software and I.T. services. Our partners are wisely selected and after long-term period of evaluation and testing of their technologies. Only this way we can ensure that our under delivery software and I.T. projects meet our standards as well our customers' requirements.


Our Strength

We have senior knowledge in a wide range of different software technologies and platforms. That makes our software development services suitable for any software project, regardless its platform, unique requirements or nature.

Another of our advantages is that we can develop on different technology stacks. That's important if you have specific I.T. policies or the software solution requires tight integration with existing systems and I.T. infrastructure.

Our Technologies Stack

We build enterprise, n-tier software systems using Microsoft's latest .Net Framework (v4.5 and v.4.6) and underlying technologies, like C#, Windows Communication Framework (WCF) and WPF and we design user interfaces quite carefully, so that not only they are modern and up-to-date, but most importantly, they are easy to understand and work on them, keeping any learning curves to the minimum.

For Cloud applications, e-Commerce systems and web applications we use PHP, the web's most favourable programming language, as part of our LAMP stack. We use enterprise-level frameworks and content management systems that we have built in-house and which are fine tuned to provide maximum performance, security and programming flexibility.

In the mobile world, we can either develop applications natively (Java for Android, Objective C for iOS, and Microsoft's tools for Windows Mobile), or depending on the requirements, we can develop cross-platform applications utilizing the ionic framework.

Regarding the database back-end, we either select MySQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle or even emerging technologies, like NuoDB, depending on the requirements and the nature of the project.

We also have the ability to use different technology stacks, usually to meet client's  policies or for better integration with existing systems and I.T. infrastructure.